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The Sword of the Banshee - Amanda Hughes

The Sword of the Banshee is a historical fiction novel spaning several decades and two continents. It's a great read for history fans.

The novel begins in Ireland, where we meet the main character, India, as a little girl. While out with her cousin, she sees something that will haunt her for years to come.

Flash forward so many years later, and she is married off to a man involved in that event that haunts her. She finds out the truth about that night and a rebel is born. She spends the next several years working alongside her husband fighting and organizing a rebellion. 

Eventually she ends up in the American colonies who are on the brink of the revolution. There, she meets a young boy named, Phineas, whom she latches onto and becomes her sidekick. Then, she meets the dashing Quinn Calleigh, whom she forms a peculiar bond with. 

All in all, it was a great novel, with a kickass heroine, and the entertaining Quinn Calleigh. Like I said earlier, anyone interested in historical fiction said in 1700's Ireland and Revolutionary United States will most likely enjoy this novel.

Here Comes the Light (Cambrooke #1) - Emily Camp

Sorry not much of a review but here it goes:


I absolutely loved Here Comes The Light. Going into it, I didn't know it was Christian literature. I don't often read Christian literature but I've liked every one I've read. I really loved Miley and could relate to her struggles with faith and self-acceptance. I haven't been through any of the stuff she went through but I've had my own struggles. She is easy for any girl struggling with anything to relate to. I just hope I find someone as amazing as Declan was. 

Overall, it was a great book, and a great read for anyone trying to find themselves.

Just wanted to take a minute to say Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Hope you all have an awesome day!

Open Doors: Fractured Fairy Tales - Fran Fischer, Sarah Clark Monagle, B.J. Lee, Steven Kaminsky, Siv Maria Ottem, Deb Claxton, Diane Weis Farone, Adam Graham, Pat Hatt, Joshua Carstens, Roland D. Yeomans, Kate Buhler, Barry Parham, Shane Stilson, Robert G. Ferrell, Neal Levin, Timothy Hurley, Melynda Fleur

Open Doors: Fractured Fairy Tales is a fun little book full of different authors versions of various fairy tales. It has versions of everything from Snow White to Humpty Dumpty. I enjoyed all the different takes on these classics but found a few hard to get into. Definitely a good read for any fan of fairy tales, but not so much children.

UnEnchanted  - Chanda Hahn

UnEnchanted by Chanda Hahn, is the story of Mina Grime, your everyday average unlucky nobody. Only she's not a nobody, she is a Grimm, destined to follow in her ancestors footsteps and attempt to complete several fairy tales in order to break a curse that has plagued her family all the way back to the brothers Grimm.

Going into the story, I was expecting that Mina knew her destiny. Don't ask me why, I just expected that. In actuality, she was clueless, even after she saved popular Brody Carmichael in an accident she caused during a bizarre field trip.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can't wait to buy and read the second one. I felt I could really relate to Mina since I myself grew up as an shy, awkward outsider with few friends. She really finds the strength within herself as the story moves along and I'm very excited to see where her journey takes her.

The Princess Sisters - Stacy Lynn Carroll

The Princess Sisters is the first book in The Princess Sisters Series by Stacy Lynn Carroll. The story centers around the five Princess sisters: Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, and twins Aurora and Ariel. They're mothers were all sisters who, in memory of their mom, named their daughters after fairy tale princesses. 

Going into the story, I figured it would be cheesy and cliche, but was pleasantly suprised to find that it was cute and entertaining. The girls all shy away from something important about the princess they were named after. Snow White, for example, refuses to eat apples. They all live on the same street and spend all their time together, as if they were sisters; which in a way they are. Then a new family with a son a couple of years older than the girls moves onto their street. It is then that their bond is tested when they each fall for this new boy. 

The girls are easy to relate to since they are wrote so well that the reader feels as if they are real people and not just fictional characters. Sometimes, the story can be a little hard to follow since the point of view changes suddenly and with little to no warning. Despite that, it is a great story that reminds us all to be proud of who we are and to not be afraid to be ourselves.

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