The Sword of the Banshee - Amanda Hughes

The Sword of the Banshee is a historical fiction novel spaning several decades and two continents. It's a great read for history fans.

The novel begins in Ireland, where we meet the main character, India, as a little girl. While out with her cousin, she sees something that will haunt her for years to come.

Flash forward so many years later, and she is married off to a man involved in that event that haunts her. She finds out the truth about that night and a rebel is born. She spends the next several years working alongside her husband fighting and organizing a rebellion. 

Eventually she ends up in the American colonies who are on the brink of the revolution. There, she meets a young boy named, Phineas, whom she latches onto and becomes her sidekick. Then, she meets the dashing Quinn Calleigh, whom she forms a peculiar bond with. 

All in all, it was a great novel, with a kickass heroine, and the entertaining Quinn Calleigh. Like I said earlier, anyone interested in historical fiction said in 1700's Ireland and Revolutionary United States will most likely enjoy this novel.